Intelligent management systems’ integration


In the third millennium, along with the increasing promotion of technology, each production process should be done systematically, even if it is very small. This performance not only accelerates the production and increases the quality, but it also leads to the fair distribution of duties and tasks, transparency in the performance of employees, quick find of the errors, and easiest management process. The first point is that you are a successful manager. Successful managers have a system that helps them observe extensive volumes of information in efficient charts as simple as a few clicks. Successful managers have the system. Their system helps them observe extensive volumes of information in the efficient charts with a few clicks. Besides, they do not need to involve in the details directly. The old beliefs that prevail in the societies declare that the more effort, the more success. Nowadays, this concept is called “smart effort,” which means using thought power. Increasing awareness and knowledge of modern science will make your life easier and make you no longer have the old concerns of the traditional manager.

The concept of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (Industry 4) is being created. You may have seen part of it in implementing smart homes in our country. The linkage of Closed camera television to smart locks and irrigation of green space based on seasonal changes are examples. Processes and objects have become intelligent and alive with artificial intelligence and are connected by electronic signal devices worldwide. The intelligence and connection of objects (hereafter called “process”) lead to human comfort and freedom if combined with the human intellect power. The actions we perform in the Sur mechanism include

identify your work process,

make your processes as intelligent as possible,

provide the required options for the communication of processes,

designate you as the main commander at the center of the system.

Eventually, you determine the access level and type of information allowed for members of this system. Everything is in your control. In this type of system, you do not need to evaluate the inventory of your strategic products; you can ensure the accurate and optimal performance of your system by indicating some indicators. An acquaintance of inventory, exhibition of the number, and conflicting your mind with the secondary calculation are not intelligent things. You can think about expanding your business according to the quality index of your product. It should be noted that the quality index of the product is determined by factors such as the amount of product wastage, satisfaction of the customer, optimal circulation of production, the least depreciation in production lines, regular commute of employees, etc.

How can we do this?

First of all, you can determine the automation level in your company. Which processes should become intelligent, and which of them should remain manual? How much do you want to involve other employees in the management of this system? How much can you finance the project? These questions will answer and determine in the first meeting for your next process.

Gathering the field information is the next step. A two-step team (one industrial engineer and one software engineer) will dispatch to your unit. Moreover, we collect the information of employees, the records of attendance, energy system, warehouses, the halls of production and packaging, market share, the facilities of hardware, the communication methods and forms of employees, the bottlenecks of working, the efficiency of departments, and other information based on your selection. The experts will prepare your company’s pre-plan automation based on the information.

The second meeting will be held in your production-service unit. Then, we will check the accuracy of the collected information examine the possible suggestions and comments; next, provide the roadmap and instructions for you after counting the meeting. Sometimes, employers may implement the suggested instructions in their company based on their manner. Notably, it is normal and will not lead to any disruption in the final work. You may be done in various ways, but obtaining the result with the least amount of psychological loss of automation is important. Several of your middle managers do not readily accept automation mentally, and they tend to advance the work based on their manners, as they fell into the habit with those methods. Our experience is “accurate culturing” in the workspace in these situations. As a manager, you should consider that “culturing” is a long process, and achieving your ideal situation may take a long time. We will provide the tools for you. Eventually, you can determine how and when to use the proposed tool. This service includes many businesses such as chain hotels, production factories, multi-national holding, large service companies, restaurants, gymnasiums, hospitals, entertainment, and shopping centers: the more collected information, the more accurate automation.

The column of maintaining cost will add to your costs with the entrance of high-speed Internet to the workspace. But it is better to allocate some of the cost for your mental comfort. You must progress. If you want to maintain your old business framework, your intelligent competitors may be ahead of you.


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